Referral Marketing
Referral Marketing

Why are referrals so powerful?

They channel the power of social proof. Social proof is a fancy way of saying that we humans are easily influenced by each other. We’re pack animals.

When a member of our pack (family) or tribe (social circle) recommends a product or service, we take that recommendation very seriously. Similarly, when someone in a position of power, prestige or authority recommends something, we are very quick to act on that recommendation.

You see the applied power of social proof everywhere: in TV ads, when you see a celebrity endorsing a product; on the radio, when the person hosting the pledge drive tells listeners that so-and-so donated $50 to NPR; on the back of a novel you’re reading, when you see testimonials from other notable authors; and on the web, when you visit sites like to read consumer reviews of local restaurants.

Almost without fail, most chiropractors have no clear referral generation system. They essentially think that referrals are something that you simply wait and hope for… but the reality is that referrals don’t just happen, you have to go out and get them!

The best practices – the most profitable and fastest growing practices – implement referral generation systems that ensure they will get more referrals each and every day!

You should do the same and we can help! We are the perfect partner to implement an effective and systematic referral program that will not only increase your patient base, but will also create incredible loyalty.

A referral program can change your business, if you implement it.

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