New Patients for Medical Practices – June 2018
these graphs show how medical practices are getting new patients. the graph shows a steady increase in patient calls each month.

Medical Practice Call Flow Update June 2018

(Updated July 16, 2018) This image shows the monthly increase in patient calls and inquiries from three medical practices. The two practices represented at the top have doubled their incoming calls in the last year. The third practice had 210 calls a month after three months. These results are predictable and can be increased according to the amount that is attributed to the marketing for each practice, without buying ads from Google or Facebook. There is nothing wrong with buying ads to get new patients, as long as it is profitable. Many doctors are spending more than the cost of the first appointment to get new patients. This equals a very high ad cost which limits the ability to spend enough on ads to generate a significant amount of new patients.

How Many New Patients Did Your Practice Get Last Month?

Most doctors do not actually know how to get new patients, or how they can increase the number of patients that they get every month. Mediocre results and uncertainty from the lack of effective marketing are often attributed to holidays, the weather, politics or the economy. The truth is without a tested proven strategy, it is an unpredictable gamble of who to trust and how much to spend.

Either your marketing costs are generating calls from new patients, or they are not. The conversation is not about Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram, Pinterest or any other app. The conversation is about how many new patients schedule appointments based on your investment in marketing. Anything else is simply hiring someone to perform a service that does nothing to build your business. Smart practices understand that this is not about one time services. Consistent growth like these practices are experiencing has come from consistently investing in the services that generate consistent results (new and returning patient appointments).

When you are ready to start getting predictable results, start here:

You cannot hire someone, or any company for that matter, for $300 a month and expect them to care if you are getting new patients. To change your practice and get the new patients that you want on a predictable basis every month, you have to get serious about the real work that needs to be done if you want to change your practice.

Each of these practices went from very few or no new patient calls every month to calls every day from new patients.

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