New Patients for Medical Practices – May 2017 Update
medical practice call flow MAY 2017

Medical Practice New Patient Call Flow – May 2017 Update

Either your marketing costs are generating calls from new patients, or they are not. The conversation is not about Facebook, Youtube, Twitter, Instagram or Pinterest. The conversation is about how many new patients schedule appointments based on your investment in marketing. Anything else is simply hiring someone to perform a service that does nothing to build your business.

When you are ready to start getting predictable results, start here:

You cannot hire someone, or any company for that matter, for $300 a month and expect them to care if you are getting new patients. To change your practice and get the new patients that you want on a predictable basis every month, you have to get serious about the real work that needs to be done if you want to change your practice.

Each of these practices went from very few or no new patient calls every month to calls every day from new patients.

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