Insurance Companies are Getting New Customers with Google Places

I spoke with George last week about how his insurance agency can increase their business simply by improving their presence online.

George said that he has been getting a few calls from new customers that have been finding him online and he wanted to know what he can do to get even more business from people searching online.

George is really just starting to tap into a new source of customers for his insurance agency.

Did you know that the majority of customers (92%) looking for information about businesses now start looking for products and services online?

Very few small businesses have even taken the time to do anything about promoting their companies online. Only 26% have done anything at all.

The businesses that have taken steps to establish themselves online are the ones that are winning online and steadily gaining new customers.

Take a look at the review here that I did for George and his insurance company.

Google Places and Local Marketing Review- Insurance Company

The details that I go over in this video will bring George and his insurance agency new business. Listen in as I show George how he can start getting new business online.

Then contact me for a quick, “no-obligation” online consultation. I’m here to answer your questions and help you start getting more new customers.

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We design online marketing programs so they require no extra work on your part. We know you’re busy managing your business so our job is to plan it AND execute it for you.

I’d be glad to show you how local marketing with Google Places works, how easy it is to set up and manage. Oh, and how affordable it is.

We’ll do it all. All you have to do is decide.

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