Who Uses the Yellow Pages to Find a Chiropractor?

Good news. Some of your patients still use the yellow pages when they need a chiropractor. However, unless your ideal patient is 70+ years old, you may not be reaching the right target audience. If you are still advertising in the yellow pages, most of your new patients will be those with Medicare.

The truth is that most of the new patients that you want, your ideal patients, are the ones who are not using the yellow pages when they are looking for chiropractic care.

Your Best Patients Are Not Using the Yellow Pages

Think about it for just a moment. What do you do right now when you don’t know who to call when you have a problem? The first thing that you do is ask someone you know for a recommendation, and then you Google that person’s name or business, right?

That is exactly what your new patients are doing every day to find the help that they need, the help that you offer. What is different now, and what you need to be aware of, is that they are using new ways to find this information.

Instead of picking up the phone and calling someone they are using the internet to ask for and research referrals. They are not looking in the yellow pages and calling around.

It used to be enough to have an ad in the yellow pages to get new patients to call you. Things have changed. Not only that, your new patients now are looking online at the reviews that your previous patients have written about you, and they are believing what they read online.

Word of Mouth Still Works

“Word of mouth” has always been the best way to get new patients. “Word of mouth” now happens online with sites like Facebook, Yelp, Yahoo and Bing.

To learn more about how you can get more new patients into your practice, besides the ones who are on Medicare, watch this short video:

Are you having problems attracting new patients?

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I’d like to talk to you because if it is at all possible, I would like to help you. I can’t guarantee that I can fit you in or even promise that I can help you, but we can at least look at where you are now and discuss where you want to be.

I do want to help you but you need to be aware that you have problems attracting new patients or creating more profits in your practice. If that’s not the case then unfortunately I cannot help you. I can’t really know how I can help you without digging deeper into what’s not working for you right now.

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Here’s to our continued success as local businesses serving our communities!

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