Article Marketing

Article marketing is one of the most effective ways of establishing and promoting your business online.

Businesses that want to achieve great rankings online can use article marketing as a great advertising tool. Short, highly informative and engaging articles that relate to your industry are published for potential customers to access.

If written well and published correctly these articles will direct new traffic to your website. These new visitors will be qualified leads that can be converted into customers easily, because they already view you as a trustworthy source of information not just a business full of “sales” hype.

Establishing Your Credibility

When you write a well written article that is related to a particular aspect of your industry and you publish this article online, potential new clients will find this article as they search online for information about your industry.

When you offer information in articles that speak to a customer’s concerns, fears, desires and needs, especially as it relates to your product or service, you are no longer an outsider. You become someone who is on their side, an expert in your field that can be trusted. This puts you way ahead of competitors who are still struggling to get online in the first place.

Targeted Website Traffic and Visibility

There are two primary ways that articles will bring targeted traffic to your website. First, web surfers will type in your keyword phrase into their search engine of choice, and will find your articles in the organic search listings.

Second, your site’s search engine rankings will dramatically improve and help your website get found in the organic search listings as well. This will also help you accelerate your site’s page rank as sites that have a lot of incoming links from “authority sites” are themselves considered important.

Over time your articles will also start to appear all over the internet on other article sites- blogs and industry portals. This “syndication” is a powerful tool that continues to grow and generate more referrals for your site- without you doing any additional work.

Article marketing will:

• Establish you as an industry expert
• Create lasting connections with your customers
• Distinguish you from your competitors

To learn more about how you can use article marketing in your business, watch this video: Article Marketing